Is your passion business? Are you interested in Prague's innovative environment? Do you want to participate in unique projects? If so, we are looking for you.

We are looking for partners - innovators, entrepreneurs, and volunteers who want to participate in developing an innovative environment or lend a helping hand where it makes sense. We are an organization that responds to the current problems of urban society and strives to support Prague entrepreneurs. There is a space for cooperation when you become part of the innovation ecosystem in Prague.

Are you looking for space for your event? Do you want to support entrepreneurs and innovators in Prague? We will provide you with the opportunity to use the premises of our center.

Are you the organizer of an event that focuses on innovative solutions or entrepreneurship? Not sure where to organize it? We will provide facilities for events that reflect the nature of the Business and Innovation Center (PIC). We are happy to support projects with a significant impact on the innovation ecosystem.


Are you looking for a partner for your project? Do you need the patronage of the city for your event? If so, come to us and start creating together.

We will happily participate in events that will help the innovation potential flourish in Prague. Especially in the areas of business, education, and urban development. We will help you organize the event, contact the participants, or obtain the patronage of the capital of Prague. Let's do it together and create something "magnificent" for the Prague innovation ecosystem.


Ongoing events

16:00 - 19:00

Junior Business Mixxer vol.2

Praha hledá mladé podnikatelské talenty. Přihlas svůj nápad a staň se inovační star!

Startup Night vol. 3

Meziuniverzitní networking pro studenty se zájmem o startupy, inovace a společensky prospěšné podnikání.
17:00 - 19:30

Prague Innovation Mixxer: Podpora Podnikavosti

Další networkingová akce z cyklu Prague Innovation Mixxer. Přijďte se inspirovat a najít správnou cestu pro svůj projekt.

Our facilities

Venues for your conferences


60 pax
projection screen


30 pax
projection screen

Stay in touch with us

We have an overview of innovations, have it too! We will write to you once a month about what you should not miss.

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