What do you need help with?

Do you want to start a business? Do you feel that you cannot move forward in your business? We will help you overcome obstacles and together find a suitable solution to the problem!

We will be your assistant in writing a quality business plan or for the correct setting of the business model, which forms the basis for the creation and acquisition of values ​​of each company. What does it mean? That's why customers should give you their money and a way to make money on their ideas. How to proceed? You will find the answers in the Business and Innovation Center of the Capital City of Prague (PIC). Come to us! We will work with you together with our business consultants.

Our consultants offer fast business advice in the following areas:

- Creating a business plan

- Business models

- Analysis of business processes

Are you looking for an investor? Are you unfamiliar with grant support? We will advise you on how to optimize financing your business.

There are many possibilities for financing your business. If you do not want to reach for a bank loan, you can try subsidy programs or the entry of a direct investor. Don't know how to proceed? We will help you invest in a startup or innovatively move your business.

Our expert consultants offer quick financial advice in the following areas:

- Bank financing

- Private equity

- Subsidy and grant programs for entrepreneurs


Don't know how to start your own business? How to legally protect brands, products, and know-how? We will be happy to advise you on your legal business issues.

We provide legal advice to start-up entrepreneurs, either when setting up a business or protecting intellectual property. We will provide more able entrepreneurs with support in setting up the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) program, which is a significant benefit for employees. Do you want to go for it? All you have to do has come to our Business and Innovation Center, where we will work with you together with expert consultants.


Our expert consultants offer quick legal advice in the following areas:

- Corporate law

- Patent law and brand protection

- ESOP - employment system

Do you have sales problems? Want to raise people's awareness of your brand? We will help you with your marketing strategy and move your business a little further.

Marketing is a crucial part of a successful business. It will help you secure a good market position and build trust in your brand with your customers. Where do you start? First, develop a draft marketing strategy and come to us at the Business and Innovation Center. We will discuss your proposals with expert consultants and advise you on how to proceed.


Our expert consultants offer quick marketing advice in the following areas:

- B2B / B2C Marketing Strategies

- E-commerce

- Online marketing


Our consultants

Pavel Prikryl

Business consultant

Pavel Jerabek

Business consultant

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